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BJ Price Artist

World First Art Event
Great Barrier Reef - Undersea Art Exhibition

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Coming Soon another World First for BJ Price Art

Undersea Art Exhibition Sydney

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

August 12 through Sep 11 2014


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Benefiting Sea Life Trust conservation efforts

Current Collection
Race To The Finish

Race To The Finish

This collection of thirteen oil paintings speaks to humanity’s heartfelt and headlong pursuit of its own demise.

Despite a wealth of accumulated knowledge, humankind resolutely scrambles to race over a vast cliff built of idiocy and ignorance fuelled by messianic arrogance.

Hopelessly embroiled in partisan futility we are too weak to seek real solutions, too strong to take a backward step and introspectively consider the alternatives and too proud to admit to either.

Unable or unwilling to seek an existential peace for our species we have devolved to actively hastening our own end.

We now seem poised to seal our own inevitable destruction with a dogged, eyes-wide-open race to the finish.

Whence now will come the fall?

BJ Price Artist

BJ is currently represented by Art Nomad and Abstract Australis in Melbourne Australia

and Gallery V in Sydney Australia


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