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BJ Price Artist

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Permanent Art Exhibition - Cairns Australia
Halpin Partners 101 Sheridan St


Alphie Leads the Australia Day Parade
Sydney Harbour 2015

Pic: David Clare


Another World First for BJ Price Art


Current Collection

Reason's Edge

"This collection of thirteen original oils examines the potentially conflicted role of reason versus instinct in attaining inspiration. 

When one aims to maintain 'purity' of instinctive inspiration, free of contesting ephemera, does reason have any place at all?

Or is it a psychological certainty that can only be consciously excluded and by doing so, has reason itself been demonstrated and thus prevailed?

The visual impact of this realisation, that reason itself is ultimately inescapable, is demonstrated through the painterly use of 'broken' hard edge techniques.

In doing so, for the first time have I juxtaposed the ragged clarity of artistic vision with the sharpened reality of being."

BJ Price

BJ is currently represented by Art Nomad and Abstract Australis in Melbourne Australia

and Gallery V in Sydney Australia

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